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$459,338.22 Raised Through Member Donations

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"I am a long term Detroit business person since 1995. When I started another business in real estate development I was in new territory. I suffered through learning a new business, bad contractors, and burning through over $200k to get started. After 3 years, my money was gone and rehabbing properties was slow because I was reduced to using my paycheck. This loan changed all that! The $25k helped me finish the most recent project I was working on. It gave me that extra push I needed financially and restored my sense of purpose after about a year of feeling defeated. The application process was simple, the staff was amazing, and being supported by my own is just the icing on the cake! I have been so impressed with BLD that I became a donating member even before my loan was approved. This is an idea whose time has long come! THANK YOU does not begin to capture how grateful we are!"

Regina Jemison

Regina Jemison

Black Mantis Group

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